Privacy Policy

95 Is Alive does not require or use cookies, and does not use any of the available
scripts to harvest e-mail addresses.

Privately owned and operated, 95 Is Alive is hosted with a company whose policy excludes harvesting
server and usage information for resale to third parties.

Any e-mails sent via the e-mail links on any of the pages are private communication between
95 Is Alive and visitors, and  are responded to by the owner/operator of 95 Is Alive.

Linking Policy

Feel free to link to 95 Is alive. The only request being that you link to the Home or index.htm page
or to one or the Topic pages listed on the Home page.  However, all sub-pages have been provided with
"hyperlinks to the home page, and all images used in 95 Is Alive have been "watermarked"
so that they will provide a visual link to 95 Is alive.
If you choose to link to 95 Is Alive, please send an e-mail to that effect so I can return the favor.