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95 Is Alive

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A listing of useful links

As mentioned on the Internet Explorer page, according to Netfactual, as of May 2002 there were over 19 million active domains.  Listed below are links to sites which I've stumbled across while "surfing."   Some contain tips and tricks, some are software sites, and some are good for a smile or two.
Icons if shown are a copy of the icon that will be placed on your desktop or show in your favorites folder if you decide to "Bookmark" it or "Add to Favorites."  Some sites have pop ups and use cookies, but that is beyond my control.
Click the Icon or click Visit. Also, click the email link at the bottom and send an email if you would like to recommend a site.

Favorite link
The Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary rescues and shelters animals who are disabled, elderly or need medical care. Every animal who arrives at the sanctuary gets another chance to have a safe and loving home.
Please check out the "Wish List."

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Internet safety information for the entire family

Click the icon and open a great software site

A source of even "more advanced"
software and information.


Cyberbullying: The New Online Crime
Great resource to help prevent cyberbullying

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A great movie information / trivia site that covers movies from the 60's to the 90's.


Don Markstein's Toonopedia
A Vast Repository of Toonological Knowledge. Basically an "Encylopdia" of cartoons.


Internet Health Report
A graphical representation of the
"Status of the Internet"

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There's a new search engine in town.
Click the Icon to visit Teoma

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File Vault
Some nice software downloads

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A nice collection of links to tips and utilities for older Windows versions.


Ever wonder what all of those file extensions mean.  You will find the answer here.


Jim Pickering's Outlook Site
Jim is a Microsoft MVP and has created a
list of links for Outlook Express KB articles.


A site with some interesting statistics about the World Wide Web

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Harmony Hollow Software.
Some great Freeware and Shareware applications.


"The source for on line learning"
Great educational site from Columbia university.


Old Versions
A collection of older versions of programs compatible with Windows 95

Click the icon and find some Smileys

The Official Smiley Dictionary
Emoticons, smileys and even more smileys

Click to visit Tachtech

A nice information site with some Windows tweaks


Computer security site is a great site for security
programs and information.

Click for a computer help site

A great site about all things "computer related."

Click for networking help
Everything about "networking" computers and "internet connection sharing."


Internet Archive
A search engine with a unique approach.
Check out the "Wayback Machine."

Click the icon and check out ComputerHope

Everything you would ever need to know about DOS commands is at Computerhope.


Google does it again with a new service named Froogle.  It's a product search engine.


Google labs
Yet more Google goodies.  click Visit to see what Google is working on 


Fixed Orbit
A site from the creator of AnalogX that shows the internet from a different point of view

They even have Erector sets :-)

Only Toys
The name says it all.  An on-line toy store with some old favorites


Network Overview
A unique site with real time statistics showing internet "network" traffic all over the world.


AXCEL216's Web Site
A Windows web site with sections for the various versions.  I found some great USB tools there


An excellent image editor

Favorite Icon from WebAttack

Large collection of Freeware and Shareware

Gibson Research. Great security site,

Gibson Research
Mentioned on the privacy page.  If you're
running XP, I encourage you to visit soon.


Smiley Lore :-)
Supposedly where it all began

Click to open a Hurricane tracking site

Hurricane City
Hurricane tracking site.

Click to open a Hurricane tracking site

Hurricane Terrapin
Another Hurricane tracking site.


Flame Warriors
An amusing collection of internet
"personality" images by Mike Reed.


An online dictionary and search engine for computer and Internet technology.

Click the Icon to open Google Language

Google Language Tools.
Convert web sites/text to a different language.


Virtual Dr
Another nice Windows help forum.

Click the Icon to visit V-COM

An information packed site with a searchable FAQ section.  Advanced user kind of stuff.

Click the Icon to visit AnandTech

Another great site. Oriented more toward the hardware side of computers.

Click the Icon to open Kartoo

A search engine with a unique way
of showing your search results.

Click the Icon to go to Microsoft Support

Microsoft help and Support
Have a computer problem or a question?
Search the Microsoft Knowledge Base.

Click the Icon to open Software Design

Software Design
Gregory Braun's site with some great
Windows utilities for all versions.

Click the icon to visit 123ehost

A great web hosting service with on-line
"real time" support capability.


Earliest Clocks
An educational site concerning the earliest
efforts by man to accurately record "time."
Very interesting.

Click the icon and find some great security information

Strouds Internet Applications
A great collection of software downloads.

Click the icon to visit Time Server

NIST Time Server
A National Institute of Standards site with free software to synchronize your computer to an atomic clock.

Click the Icon to visit NetCraft

An interesting site, that allows you to search the "Web" in a slightly different way.

Click the icon to visit SpeedGuide

Mentioned in the connections section, it is
a great source of connection "tweaks."

Click the icon to open the Download site

Yahoo Instant Messenger "Beta"
If you want to be the first on the block with the latest "beta" version, click the icon.

Click the icon to Visit Perry's

Perry's Ice Cream
About the best I ever had. My favorite
is Rocky Mountain Raspberry.


DOS the Easy Way
Another site that explains DOS functions and commands.


An on-line kitten.
It will try to catch your mouse and it will purr and meow if the cursor is
in the right place.


The USBMan
Everything about Universal Serial Bus issues.  Both software and hardware.


The best in Windows FreeWare
( Their words, not mine)  ;-)

Click the Icon to visit PC911

PC Nine One One
A computer help site, they must have captured the "emergency" number early.

Click the icon to vist TuCows

Software, both Freeware and Shareware to download. Besides I like the icon.

Click the icon to read NewsMax

A "seemingly" unbiased News site with a searchable database.

Click the icon to view the List of Lists

List of Lists
Great site with pages of useful links to
tricks and tweaks and software.


Windows to the Universe
Images and information about our universe.  Good educational site.

Click the icon and visit AnalogX for some great Free software

Mentioned several times on other pages but definitely worth listing again


A World of Premium Windows
Information and Tutorials

Click the icon and read some funny stories

Dumb Criminal Acts
This one speaks for itself

Click the icon and visit Worldime

World Time Server
On the page that opens click the link for your time zone and then add to favorites.


Kevin's Computer Page
This is where I found the link for the
Hubble images.


Astronomy picture of the day
A great source for some interesting Desktop Wallpaper. A new image each day

Click the icon for some great tips and tricks

Bob Cerelli's Windows Page
Actually several pages of Windows
tricks and tweaks.


Truth or Fiction
Check out the latest rumor or e-mail hoax.  It could save you some trouble.

Click the icon and check out the Toolbox

Jason Levine's Toolbox
Quite a selection of "more advanced" utilities and information, and a forum for questions.

An excellent source of driver files. Over 10,000 driver files for all Windows versions. Also a source for dll files

Click the icon and find some free software

Sure Cool Freeware
Some hard to find freeware downloads.


Need device drivers for your computer.
They have a searchable driver database.

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