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95 Is Alive

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In my humble opinion the ultimate website for Instant Messaging help is:
95 Is Alive began as something to play around with, originally conceived over early morning coffee, and/or late night cold brews, while Yahooing with my "on the other side of the world" cyber-friend The Bee.
We were creating ways to modify the images in the "beta" versions of a popular messaging system, and also using hexadecimal editors to discover the "secret" keystrokes.  It wasn't all work though.
As rumor has it, The Bee can snort coffee 10 paces when caught off guard.
( Actually she said it was Milo! Must be one of those "Down Under" things )
All of the messaging systems are covered, with the latest information for each. There are several forums where you can post questions and ideas.
If you haven't already visited, just push WackyB's button and check it out. The never used Ghost, that was in an earlier version of Yahoo IM
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WackyB was temporarily closed.
As is quite often true, what started as a hobby with the intention of providing some informative fun for our cyberspace world, became prohibitively expensive to maintain.   ( several hundred US $ a month )
So please keep this in mind.  If you're surfing the internet, and find a "free" little program you like, or a site with some great information and or a forum you can pop in and out of at will, please remember it really isn't "free."  And if you see "Contribute if you can,"  please do, as every little bit helps.

Yahoo Messenger Animated Smileys.
Those of you who visit may know about the animated Yahoo smileys, and that the animation stops after a few seconds.  You may also know that WackyB uses a set of continuous animations on her web site.  If you would like a set of continuous animations and bitmaps for your Yahoo, click the link below to download a zipped copy.  Note, these are for version 5.5. The instructions are in the smileys folder that is created when you unzip the file.
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