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95 Is Alive

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AdAware, spyware detector
Address Book, backing up or saving
Anti Virus
Automatically empty deleted messages
Autostart Explorer program viewer
Backing up driver files
Batch file, preventing accidental use
Belarc Advisor system info tool
CAB file, searching
Capture ( screen shot saver )
CD extra files
Clipboard Viewer utility
Clipboard Security
Compatibility mode, repairing
Compression Agent
Computer hangs up
Configuration editor ( from Windows 98 )
Connection sharing
Connection speed, tweaking
Control panel file, finding
Control panel from start menu
CWShredder CoolWebSearch removal tool
Corrupt Icon repair
CPU version, determining
Creating a web page with FrontPage
Creating a web page with Notepad
Creating a web page with Outlook Express
Custom Search Settings
Defrag, Windows ME version
Deleted file recovery
Deskmenu, Windows 95B kernel toy
Desktop Clocks
Desktop shutdown
Disappear, icon text box utility
DllArchive clean up utility
DLL file, registering
DLL files, unloading from memory
DLL Show ( viewing active DLL files
DLL Process Explorer
DMA, direct memory access ( Windows 95B )
DOS install setup switches
DOS level clean up
DOS level Netstat
DOS level TCP/IP ARP command
DOS Notepad file
DOS system files, repairing
Dragnifier magnifying lens
Device driver files
Dynamic html and Java tricks
E-mail, open Outlook Express only
Explore from here ( part of kernel toys )
Extracting a file
Failed program installation recovery
FAT32 file format ( Windows 95B )
Favorites ( backing up, exporting or saving )
File Extension Listing
File Revival file recovery
File Snoop ( file viewer )
Find on this page ( IE )
Find your CD key with Keyfinder
FlexiCD ( 95 B kernel toy )
Folders ( new, Outlook Express )
Font Smoothing utility
Fresh Diagnose utility
Front Page Cleaner
Front Page Fixes
Gif animator utility
Gif frame viewer utility
Hardware diagnostic utility
Hardware, installing
Hardware install, no autodetect
Highlighted Text Search
Highlighted text Search using Google
HijackThis Browser restore tool
Hoverdesk RegSeeker, Registry and File Cleaner
HTML E-mail
HTML validating
Hubble space images
Icons for download
Icon Sucker ( icon extraction utility )
Icon Repair
Icons ( saving favorite icons )
IE Windows ( opening more )
Install Spell Check
Internet connection sharing
Internet Explorer ( Changing browser name )
Internet Explorer Old Versions
Internet Explorer Spell Check
Instant Messaging
Installing new hardware
Internet Activity, monitoring
Internet Explorer, repairing
Invalid system disk
IP Address ( winipcfg )
IrfanView ( image editor )
Java and Dynamic html tricks
Letterhead image, making in WordPad or Notepad
Links page
LiquidIcon XP Icon Editor
Log files
Macromedia Shockwave settings
Magnifying lens, Dragnifier
Make a favicon.ico file for your web site
Master Boot Record, repairing
Media Player 7.1 in Windows 95
Microsoft News Groups
Miniature bitmaps
Modem and COM Port properties
Modem buffers
Modem connection speed
Modem, displaying status
Mother board manufacturer, determining
Msconfig, using in Windows 95
Mscreate.dir files
MsInfo, using in Windows 95
Neotrace ( tracing an internet route )
Netstat in DOS
NetStat Live, internet activity
Networking computers
News Groups ( catch up )
News Groups ( subscribing )
Pictures, insert in e-mail
Old Software versions
Outlook Express deleted messages
Outlook Express News Reader Only mode
Ping command
Plus Package / Font Smoother
Policy Editor, Poledit
Power Point Viewer
Privacy, Clipboard
Process Explorer dll viewer
Quote Fix ( Outlook Express )
Quick spell check
QuickRes, Windows 95B kernel toy
Read Notepad file in DOS
Read Receipt pop up ( stopping )
Register a DLL file
Registry backup utility
Registry backup using DOS
Registry changes, preventing accidents
Registry cleaner, RegVac
Registry restore using DOS
Regseeker Registry and File Cleaner
RegVac, registry cleaner
Remove CoolWebSearch
Repair Windows
Repair Internet Explorer
Reset Web Settings
Restore a hijacked browser
Resume interrupted download
SayIt ( convert text to speech )
Scanreg from Windows 98
Search Settings
Searching a .cab file
Security Zones ( viewing )
Security Certificates, removing
Security, cable and DSL modem
Security, Instant Messaging
Security, Clipboard
Selective Search
Setup switches for DOS
ShellIconCache file, increasing size of
Shockwave privacy settings
Shut down from the desktop
Simple Server from AnalogX
SlowNet setting
Sorting E-mail
Sounds, open close programs
Sound card tester
Sounds, making your own
Sound recorder
Spam E-mail ( stopping )
Spell Check Installer
Spinning Globe ( restoring )
Spyware, detecting
Start Menu ( opening sites from )
Start, Run ( opening sites from )
Start up disk
Stickies utility
Strange Music from system speaker
System Diagnostics tool
System tools on the Start Menu
TextScan utility
TCP/IP ARP command in DOS
Telnet program
Time Zone editor
Toggle images ( IE )
Toolbar ( customizing IE )
Toolbar ( customizing OE )
Toolbar Wallpaper
Trace Route ( tracert )
Transparent Icon text box
True Modem connection speed
Tweaking connection speed
TweakUi utility
Unloading DLL files from memory
Unnecessary back up files
Unnecessary programs
Unnecessary Protocols
Upgrade 95 to 95B
USB Device Viewer utility
USB, universal serial bus, Windows 95B
USB Ready ( universal serial bus checking tool )
View files and folders ( using IE )
View startup programs with Autostart Explorer
Wallpaper ( saving )
Web Accessories ( IE )
Web Master Information
Web Page ( creating with Outlook Express )
Web Page ( creating with notepad )
Web Page files (managing )
Window Title ( IE )
Window Title ( OE )
Windows device driver files
Windows Registry Guide
Windriversbackup utility
Winfile, old file manager
WinTop program monitor
Word Viewer utility
XploiterStat internet activity monitor
Yahoo Animated Smileys

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