Commands needed to use Scanreg command switches for use when the computer is booted into
Command Prompt or DOS mode.

Scanreg /?
Shows a help screen.

Scanreg /backup
Backs up the Registry.

Scanreg /restore
Restores the Registry; you're asked to choose from the backed-up versions.

Scanreg /fix
Repairs the Registry.

Scanreg /opt
Optimizes the Registry.

After you run a registry cleaner reboot and hold the CTRL button down, until you get the boot menu.
Choose Command prompt only. At the C:\> type 'scanreg /opt' and press enter (this will clean up
the unused space left in your registry by all the deleted entries which can lead to possible
registry corruption)
At the next prompt for insurance, fix your registry, ie correct any errors by typing this:
scanreg /fix >press enter
At the next prompt type 'win' and press enter to restart Windows.

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