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The Message Box Toy

A friend sent me some funny message boxes in an email recently, so one Sunday afternoon I decided to write a little program that would generate a genuine Windows Message box with any message I wanted it to display. So below is the result. Scroll down for more information. ;-)
The first image below is the User Interface.
Click the image for a larger view.

Download link at the bottom of the page.

The next image is the message box created from the text entered in the UI when the Make button is clicked.
Obviously it is a screenshot.
Screen shot of the message box created when the Make button is clicked.

So what good is it you ask?  It is really just something to play with to see what kind of different or funny message boxes you can create.
However, it does have a command line option so that you can launch a message box without opening the UI.
To do this, enter the text you want for the Title, Select an Icon from the drop down, and then enter the text for the message and the Ok and Cancel buttons.
Then click Save, give the file a name and save it as a .txt file.
Make sure it is saved to the same folder that MsgBoxToy.exe lives in.  The Save button "should" default to the MsgBoxToy folder but if not, simply browse to it in the file dialog and then click Save on the file dialog.
Click Save File Dialog for a Screen Shot.
To edit an already saved file, click the Edit button and then click on a file in the File Dialog and click select. It will load the saved text into the UI.

Save File Dialog

To launch it from a command line simply enter the path and then use a command line switch / to designate which message box file to use like this: C:\MsgBoxToy\msgboxtoy /sample.txt
Click Command Line for an image showing the syntax.

Command Line

If you "really" want to have fun with someone, you can also launch a message box using the Windows Task Scheduler.
Just make sure to edit the Run line after you browse to MsgBoxToy.exe when creating the task, and add the switch and file name as shown in the Task Scheduler image you'll see by clicking Task Scheduler below.

Task Scheduler

Download 15kb zip file
Installation not required. Simply unzip to the location of your choice.

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