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MVP for Microsoft FrontPage

Hit Me FP
Hit Counter Image Utility
Note: This has not been reviewed or endorsed by Microsoft
HitMeFP in Vista Ultimate with Aero

Hit Me FP does not require installation, and will run from the Desktop.
System Requirements:  Any computer that will run Windows 95 or newer.
Operating Systems: All Windows versions including Vista with Aero
FrontPage versions covered: All
Latest version,, January 24, 2007, 5:53:23 PM

Latest updates:
1.  Changed the location for saving the .bmp file to the same folder location as HitMeFP.exe, instead of a specific drive location.
2.  Remembers the last font selected, so you don't have to scroll to find it every time when reopening the font dialog to change font size or style.

Note: If you get an error about an OCX file in Vista, right click HitMeFP.exe and select "Run as Administrator"
Download links are at the bottom of the page.

Sample 3D image.
3D image

Actual hit counter using the above image.
Hit Counter

Sample flat images.
Image sample

Image sample

What the buttons and drop downs do:

Background:   Image
Opens a file browser dialog so you can browse to and select an image to use as your counter background.
Note:  The image must be the same size or larger than the height and width settings you select.
It is extremely difficult to properly align background images that are highly textured.
I just included the option so you could try it.

Background:  Color
Opens the Windows color selection dialog, and applies the selected color to the background.
Note: All 32 bit colors are supported.

Font Settings:  Font
Opens the Windows font dialog and applies the selected font to the numbers.
Note:  Not all fonts are good candidates for hit counters.  If the font edges
are jagged or the numbers are not clear, it is an issue with the font.

Font Settings:  Color
Opens the Windows color selection dialog, and applies the selected color to the numbers.
Note: All 32 bit colors are supported.

Save Custom Image
Opens your new hit counter image in Microsoft Paint.  If you have "any" Microsoft
Office applications installed, you can save it as a .gif image directly from Paint by selecting
"Save As"  and selecting .gif from the list.
Note:  The new image that opens in Paint is initially created and saved at the same location as hitmefp.exe.
It is deleted when Hit Me FP is closed, or if you create and save another image.

Sets the height of the image in 1 pixel increments, from 15 to 50 pixels.

Sets the width of the image in 10 pixel increments from 120 to 240 pixels.

Toggles between the Flat and 3D styles.

Opens the properties dialog for HitMeFP.exe

Deletes the last HitMeFP.bmp file and closes Hit Me FP

Download as an exe file. Download  44kb

Download in a zip file.  Download  11kb

Last Updated March 07, 2008