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95 Is Alive
For those who refuse to let go of Good Old Windows 95

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As discovered when trying to restore systems after a total crash, the number of Windows 95 information sites is rapidly diminishing as the focus changes to newer systems.  Therefore, the purpose of 95 Is Alive is to become a repository of Windows 95 tricks, tweaks and fixes, written from the point of view that there are always new Windows 95 users.  If you are happy with or just learning about "95," take a look around and hopefully you will find an answer or two.

When possible, images are included so you can see what a program or feature is supposed to look like.
If you have an idea to share, please click the e-mail link at the bottom and send it along to share with others.
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For those of you who are curious, this Web site was originally created and uploaded with a PII 133mhz Windows 95B machine, and all tricks and tweaks mentioned here were done on, with, or to the computer that created this web site.
If you're a Windows 98 or ME user, most of the items mentioned here apply.  All of the software mentioned on the Fun Stuff page is Windows 98 / ME compatible.

Young folks, do not modify your Parents computer without permission.
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